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Homeless youth
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting in on the Valentine's Day spirit!

I know, I promised Social Media Part II next. Yet today is a special day. So here we go!

Did you know that on average, people spend $128.00 on Valentine's Day?!?!

This figure kind of blew me away.

How can I get some of that for my agency or my cause?

I realize that this posting is a bit late as TODAY is Valentine's Day, but I'm going to give it a try and I would LOVE it if you gave it a try too!

First, call your donors and wish them a Happy Valentine's Day! This might be your first verbal interaction of the year, and what a great way to interact with your donors! No need to make an ask, just call to wish them a wonderful Valentine's Day! This will be huge to them and deifnitely nurture your relationship with them. WHo doesn't like receiving a Happy Valentine's Day call!

Next, use your social media networks to let people know how much folks spend on Valentine's Day and make an ask for some of that. $25 would help us in feeding one of our clients through our food bank today. Something like that. Use Facebook, Twitter, even YouTube if you have the capacity. Work it! Make sure for Facebook and Twitter that you include a link to your donation page.

If you have a favorite radio station that takes live calls during the, call them and make a public Happy Valentine's Day wish from your agency!

There are many other options, from delivering those cute (elementary-style) Valentine's Day cards to baking heart-shaped cookies for local businesses who have supported you. The main thing here it to have as much human interaction today as possible. Let the world know who you are and let all of your supporters know how incredibly grateful you are for their support!

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  1. Great Idea, Dan...thanks for sharing! Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!